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In March, 2010, Richard, the first student of the Rainbow Piano Technique, was invited to play piano in Taipei, Taiwan. When asked by journalists why he plays the piano so well, he said, "My mom put a rainbow on the keyboard".

In April, 2009, Richard appeared on a talk show hosted by the Taiwanese TV channel TVBS.

In March, 2009, Richard appeared in the popular Taiwanese TV show Guess hosted by Jacky Wu.
  See more pictures from the show.

On October 3rd 2008, Richard gave his first public piano recital at the Pasadena Central Library. The Los Angeles Times and the Pasadena Star News reported about this event and our color method. Richard gave a second concert on Dec 28 at the same venue.

Read the full article on the web.

Pasadena Star News

Before the concert, on September 9, CTV news and several other Chinese-language TV channels reported about Richard and the Rainbow Piano Technique.

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